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Broken Smile

She will be loved, she will be loved, she will be loved, she will be loved.

I met the guy I like on thursday, talk about mcdreamy. ARGH. What do I do? nothing that’s what. He already likes someone. So boohoo for me in that department. But oh well, I’ll survive. Oh, also, he knows that I like him… Yeah. 

Life is good, I haven’t posted in ages, but here I am now. Things are getting better, I’m being more positive. I refuse to let anybody or anything other than myself control my life and my emotions/feelings. Fuck that, life is way too short for that crap. I’m going to be happy. Incredibly happy. I am super excited for life right now. Which is such a great feeling. I refuse to be sad. And I refuse to not love myself. So fuck everything and everyone else.